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Water pressure problems are particularly common in the Medway Towns, as the majority of properties and therefore pipework are particularly old.

If you’re getting just a trickle of water every time you go to have a shower, or if you can’t flush a toilet or run a tap without the water pressure being affected everywhere else, you could benefit from Besuto’s water pressure services.

There are a number of causes of low water pressure, including obstructions in the faucets, or problems with the pipework. Besuto will visit your property at the earliest convenience to diagnose the source of the pressure problems. Once the cause of the pressure issues has been identified we offer a number of practical, cost-effective solutions that will give you proper running water again.

It may be that you’re eligible for one of our shower pump systems, which is a pressure-boosting devise that is installed in your bathroom. After liaising with you about your general shower usage we will select the pump that will work best for your family and budget.

Whatever your budget and whatever the severity of your water pressure issues, get in touch today to find out what we can do to help.

Water Pressure Issues in Medway, Kent